Congratulations! As a person of fine taste you are one of the few who recognizes the beauty and esteem of fine writing instruments. The worldly pace of the modern age has diminished the art of the hand written word to all but a select group of aficionados such as yourself who understand the culture and art of ink, pens, and the hand written word. Astonishingly, to us who belong to this elite group is the recent announcement that some grammar schools will no longer teach cursive writing! Has the world gone astray or has the digital world made this artistic endeavor less needed?

What better satisfaction is there than to hold in your hand a fine fountain pen through which in a singular way you can reveal and express who you are through the flow of ink, to create a unique writing that can never be duplicated by anyone else. And to remain, perhaps, somewhere forever as a symbol and testament to you and this extraordinary art-form.

pens for writing