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Luxury Grande Hotel Continental Sorrento, Italy

Paying For Your Travel And Hotels

Paying by credit card when you travel is usually a "no brainer". You get the security of using the credit card and earn ponts for each expense incurred. But be aware that there are caveats when choosing the credit card to use.

If you are traveling to foreign destinations the expenses you incur are charged in the local currency. Your credit card bank then converts the foreign currency to the domestic currency of your card. For example, a USA traveler using his credit card vacationing in Europe pays the hotel bills, restaurant, bills etc in Euros. His credit card issuing bank in the USA then converts these charges to dollars based on the daily exchange rate between the Euro and the dollar.

The credit card statement the traveler receives will show all the charges in dollars. It is a seemless transaction - but with a very important caution. Some banks charge a "transaction fee" when converting currencies. This fee can be substantial - 3% in many cases.

This fee islike throwing your money away. So be sure to check with the credit card bank to see if there is a transaction fee for foreign travel. If not great. But if there is it will be wise to get a credit card without transaction fees. And while you are at it, look for a card with a higher "points" payout. Standard points payouts for cash reinbursements hover around 1%-1-1/2%, but there are some offering 2%. There are many excellent crdit cards available. It just takes a little research to find the right one for you.

A final point, be careful of how you use a debit card. Credit cards come with extraordinary protections for the consumer. Unlike credit cards, debit cards lack some of these protections.

Ritz Carlton Hotel NY

Luxury Everywhere?

When planning a trip pay particular attention to the weather patterns of your destination in the month you plan to travel. Many global tourist destinations have "rainy seasons" which can totally ruin your trip. While it is great to have a beautiful hotel room you may find yourself unable to fully enjoy the sites.

You may want to take along on of those inexpensive dollar store ponchos in the event that a rainy day shows up. They are packaged relatively small and easily fit into a pocket. It beats being confined to your hotel or getting soaked when venturing out.